About us

Our company

Caffè Partenope was founded in 1993: for 25 years we have been producing coffee beans for the bar channel and in general for the ho.re.ca sector.

Our coffee mix carefully arabica and robusta, to obtain the ideal compromise between the two qualities and create a full-bodied coffee blend  with an intense, unmistakable flavor.

In Naples, the undisputed homeland of coffee, our family company supply over 300 bar of our blend, also taking care of the sale of coffee professional  equipment and the relative after-sales assistance.


Beyond the bars

From the mid-2000s, the company expanded its horizons and opened up to the production of single-dose pods in paper filter for domestic use.

The robust quality used for pods allows us to obtain a consistency similar to the espresso in the bar.

The expansion of Caffè Partenope in the Eastern European and Japanese markets, part of an internationalization plan, is firmly in progress in recent years, to spread the culture of real espresso made in Naples, as much as possible.


Our mixtures

In the sign of Pulcinella's mask, Caffè Partenope rediscovers the taste of the Neapolitan tradition, enhances its oldest origins, enhancing Neapolitan creativity and theatricality.

Espresso inspired by the Sirena Partenope, mythological figure and ancient name of the city of Naples, manifests itself in the cup with two divine blends: Aphrodite, with prevalence of Arabic quality, finely mixed, maintains its goodness unchanged for over forty years, is characterized by the intense aroma with hints of cocoa and spices full body, with a sweet and soft taste; Athena, made from robusta and arabica, the result of the creativity of our tasters, is characterized by the attractiveness of the cream, with hints of cocoa, full body and a lingering taste on the palate.